Microsoft Project Hangs When Leveling

I did some rearranging of my project plan and I went to level all resources, and found myself needing to kill the WINPROJ.EXE process. Project locked up tight whenever I would attempt to level the project.

I figured it was a circular dependency issue, but I didn’t know how to sniff it out. I was moving some obsolete items under a summary task to get them out of view (I wanted to keep them in the project to sync with TFS), but there were a lot of lines, and tracing those predecessor numbers can be a real pain.

It turns out that clicking PROJECT -> Calculate Project will give you a pop up telling you right where the circular dependency is. Now when I move tasks around, I always Calculate Project before leveling to make sure I won’t crash the program.

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  1. thanx for the tip. I resolved it by removing the predecessor value for that task. after that I could move tasks without problems

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