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Making iTunes Match Not Suck for iOS Restores

iTunes Match is a neat service that has people subscribing for different reasons. A friend of mine wanted to convert his old 128 Kbps MP3 ┬áCD rips to 256 Kbps. I like being able to access my library but not need to put it all on my phone. No matter the reason you subscribe to iTunes Match, if you’ve had to restore your device for some reason, you probably found the fact that you can’t push the music from your iTunes library to your device to be rather frustrating.

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Why I Chose Xamarin for My Big iOS Project

About a year ago I started on the first phase of what was to become a multiphase project to create a data collection app for a client. They wanted to target iPad, and they wanted a proof of concept (for money) that their idea could work. Having already written a few apps in Objective-C, I was not relishing the idea of cranking out another code pile in Xcode with a large collection of .h and .m files.

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