Project Server Quick Fix: Opening Enterprise Calendars

I’m moving from just using Project Professional on my desktop to integrating with Project Online so that my team can start adding actual work directly into projects. A couple of days into the migration, things were working great, but with Memorial Day and Independence Day on the horizon I wanted to add some exceptions and ran into difficulties.

The way to add holidays to the calendar is to access the enterprise calendar through Project Web Access. I’m a Mac user and I’m one of the Kool-Aid drinkers who uses iTunes and iPhone and Safari and the whole Apple suit of life enhancement products, so naturally, I was accessing PWA using Safari. Editing the enterprise calendar was a short-lived endeavor with Safari (hint: it’s not at all supported, and PWA is quick to inform you). However I also run Parallels, so popping over to IE was simple enough, and since this particular interaction is not one I’ll have to do often, I wasn’t too upset about opening Internut Exploder.

I figured that would solve all of my problems, but nay. Now I was getting the same error as a large number of my peers across the web: I click the button to edit the Standard enterprise calendar, IE launches Project Pro, things sit for a while, and then both Project and IE pop up an error. IE’s error is:

You need to have Microsoft Project Professional 2013  installed and configured to connect to a profile for this Project Web App site. You can do so by opening Project Professional, and adding the URL of a site in your PWA site collection to the Manage Accounts dialog in the Info tab of the File menu. Then, close Project Professional, and open it connected to this profile before trying this operation again. If Project Professional is already loaded, ensure that it is connected to the profile for this Project Web App site and that there are no dialog boxes open.

At this point I figure there’s some problem with having Office for Mac shared with Windows through Parallels and IE is trying to connect to Project wrong or something, but I’ll short circuit the tale and tell you that this problem has nothing to do with Mac or Parallels. The fix is actually very simple.

I forget where I read it, but someone suggested this was a problem with IE Protected Mode and turning off Protected Mode fixed it. An easy fix, for sure, but I want to give IE every help I can in staying secure when I have to use it, so the idea of turning off Protected Mode was not so palatable to me. But on hearing Protected Mode, the astute reader is probably already thinking what I’m about to say: Add your PWA site to your Trusted Sites.

It resolved the problem for me. I was able to add all the 2014 holidays to my enterprise calendar just like I would have expected.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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