I’m a hack at art. But I find the pursuit of translating emotions and ideas into forms that can bridge gaps of experience, culture, and background fulfilling just the same. I want to learn more about the truths that this world and this string of moments we are participating in are built on, and I believe that art is just as important in understanding that as science is.

A few years ago I was struck by a startling realization: I spend most of my moments observing life and considering all of the possibilities for future moments. When “now” arrives, I’m already past it and considering “then”. (“When will then be now? … Soon.” – Spaceballs) As a result, I began to have this sense of being disconnected from reality; moment to moment “living” was little more than the execution of predetermined reactions to various events or stimuli, meanwhile my attention was always partially focused on analyzing thoughts and memories and living in a sort of dream world.

I called this “premeditated life”. And I wanted out. I can happily say that after a few years of learning to love myself, I live most moments in the present. Part of loving myself was allowing myself to believe that despite what any critics might have to say, that creative part of me that wants to paint, sing, and write poetry is legitimate by the inalienable rights of humanity and needs no validation from any person but me.

In those early years, I couldn’t directly cope with the mountain of repressed emotion, so art became a safe channel through which I could begin feeling my feelings. I wrote several songs, most of which nobody has ever heard, and I began drawing and painting.

This piece I call “Daydream”, and it’s about the world I lived in while life buzzed on around me. Thanks for looking.

Daydream by Aaron Heise

Daydream by Aaron Heise