I pay the bills by writing software. I went to school for it. Currently I’m writing mobile device applications mostly. Most of the posts you’ll see on my site will be summaries of how I overcame some problem. I work for a company called Oracular IS, LLC in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Find me on LinkedIn:

Before I became a full-time software engineer (before I finished college), I was the computational and electronic brawn behind a small software startup called Ground Up Audio. We made one of the first guitar amplifier simulators available for the iPhone. We didn’t make a million bucks, but our app was hot. Eventually the big boys in the market showed up and we just couldn’t compete with the number of features that were being built into guitar apps, so we called it a day. But for a moment, we were the guys. Our app was featured in Rolling Stone one month. It was pretty cool.

That’s the important stuff. Thanks for reading!